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Campaigns Ltd provides outsourcing, staff leasing and marketing services from the cost-effective Philippines. Based in Hong Kong, it is owned and managed by Steve Wroblewski, a veteran with 21 years of running internet businesses in the Philippines.

The Philippines has become the global outsourcing destination of choice. The rapidly growing IT and outsourcing sector will employ 1.7 million workers in 2018. Availability of skills is high and the costs are around 70% less than most Western countries.

Outsourcing your tasks and projects to our Philippines staff lets you take back your time and increase your productivity. Now you'll have more time to work on your business rather than being stuck working in it - and with probably a lot more vitality too. What could you achieve with more time to grow your business - or share with your family?

Staff leasing makes it easy and affordable for you to have your own dedicated staff, or a complete team, in the Philippines. We provide the office space, the physical resources and all support services. You handpick from pre-screened people - we manage them together. Offshore staff leasing is a cost-effective and flexible way of adding talent to your business.

Marketing services have been our specialty since inception, particularly direct marketing Business-to-Business ("B2B") lead generation campaigns. We have clients of up to 12 years tenure because our efforts deliver, year after year.

Email marketing is our favourite. New platforms and mediums come and go, but email remains supreme for delivery of a marketing message. In 2017 we ran 119 client campaigns with over 1 billion email delivered - compliant with all relevant privacy regulations.

LinkedIn is unmatched for B2B prospecting, with more than 562 million users worldwide. We have programs and processes to help you capitalise on this network of professionals and bring new customers and partners to your business.

Data and quality lists are critical to direct marketing campaigns. We hold massive pools of industry specific, geo-targeted data designed for niche marketing campaigns. If you choose to run own your campaigns, we can supply quality, privacy compliant data.

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