Staff Leasing

Staff leasing makes it easy and affordable for you to have your own dedicated staff, or a complete team, in the Philippines. We provide the office space, the physical resources and all support services. You personally handpick from pre-screened people - we manage them together. Offshore staff leasing is a highly cost-effective and flexible way of adding talent to your business.

While your staff in the Philippines will be legally employed and managed by ourselves, they report to you. You determine how the daily interaction takes place - either directly via email, Skype or phone - or via the account manager there to assist you. Your account manager will be there to help craft workflow processes, to train staff and to benchmark key performance indicators for your staff to meet.

Simple, flat hourly rate pricing

To keep it simple we quote you a flat hourly rate for each staff member and then bill you this for the hours they actually worked. This not only covers your staff member's base salary, benefits, taxes and insurance - but also the office space, workstations, backed up power and redundant connectivity, management and other support services. There are no one-time or setup fees and you can terminate the arrangement at any time with 30 days notice.

Significant cost savings

The costs of providing quality staff from the Philippines is approximately 70% less than most Western countries.

Salaries are typically 60 to 80% less with office rentals 50 to 70% less. While internet costs much more in the Philippines and electricity is amongst the world's most expensive, the total cost savings are still around 70%

There is also the significant saving in capital expenditure to consider. Adding staff in your current location involves capital outlay. You'll need to allocate or expand office space, buy furniture and PCs along with software licenses, upgrade your internet connection etc.

When you hire employees with our staff leasing service the only outlay on your part is the monthly payment. We take care of all the capital outlay and setup required. You can expand quickly as business opportunities permit. If you need to scale back, you can do this just as fast and without expensive severance packages.

Access to skilled talent

In 2017 there were 1.3 million workers in the Philippines information technology-business process outsourcing (IT-BPO) industry. This number is expected to grow to 1.7 million in 2018. As the average IT-BPO salary is more than double the average wage locally, it has become a career of choice for many young college graduates.

If hiring and retaining skilled staff is challenging in your home country, staff leasing in the Philippines can be the answer. Clients also find the positive, "can-do" attitude of Filipino staff to be quite refreshing

We offer leased staff for a wide variety of disciplines:

  • Knowledge Services - accounting & financial, bookkeeping, debt collection, medical encoding, healthcare services, insurance data entry, HR admin, recruitment, payroll processing, travel agency support
  • Business Support - inbound call centre services, personal assistance, transcription, calendar management, email support, customer support, CRM maintenance, data entry & processing
  • Sales, Marketing and Lead Generation - Inbound sales B2C and B2B, outbound telemarketing, cold calling, appointment setting, email marketing, LinkedIn marketing, data mining, sales support services
  • Digital & Online Marketing - Search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), Adwords, Facebook ads, Google analytics, social media marketing, email marketing
  • Creative Services - graphic design, web design, print & prepress, video production, Flash animation, 3D modelling, logo & brochure design
  • Programming and Development - web development, software development, salesforce development, mobile application development, game development, technical support level 1, 2 and 3
  • Online asset support - content moderation, community moderation, game moderation, live chat support, membership admin, blog posts writing, proofing and editing

Working hours and policies

You will choose the hours your staff work so as to best fit your existing business team. In accordance with the Philippine Labor Code, staff typically work 5 days per week, 8 hours per day, excluding a 1 hour lunch break, with two paid 15 minute breaks.

We pay overtime and night differential where the law provides. Whilst employees usually observe local public holidays, these can be swapped with others in your own location where this is desirable.

Your employees will also receive the following government mandated benefits:

  • 13th Month Salary - an additional month's salary for each full year of service payable before December 24th of each year
  • SSS - government managed social security system providing loans as well as health, maternity, retirement and disability benefits
  • PagIBIG - government managed national savings program offering affordable housing finance
  • PhilHealth - government managed healthcare insurance

By offering competitive salaries and good working conditions we attract and retain valuable employees. This is while still providing staff at savings of around 70% of the typical costs in a Western country.

Before we start the recruitment process we will provide you a document detailing all of the specifics regarding payment and benefits.

Incubation / Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)

On a larger scale, some foreign companies want nothing less than their own self-contained offshore operations in the Philippines. To meet this need we offer an incubator or BOT option.

Under this arrangement we allocate or lease self contained or additional office space and equip this with the equipment and utilities required. Your team is recruited and trained with processes put together in collaboration with yourselves. The operation is managed under contract in this manner for a fixed period or until smooth operations and/or other milestones are reached.

At this point we can then transfer this to a local incorporation owned by you, with all permits, statutory requirements and banking in place. This will typically be in a special economic zone with tax incentives and other perks for foreign investors. If required we can also setup an offshore company in a low or minimal tax jurisdiction with international banking to best cater for an international marketplace for your products or services.

Whether you need one staffer, a complete offshore operation, or anything in between, we'd like to help. Please contact us to start the conversation.

Summary of Benefits

  • Quick and easy to add staff to your business
  • Cost savings of around 70% vs Western countries
  • A large pool of highly skilled talent is on tap
  • Simple, flat hourly rate pricing model
  • No capital outlay for more space and equipment
  • Scale back without expensive severance packages
  • Staff are well taken care of with high retention
  • Option for complete self contained operation

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